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Klamath Falls, Oregon

The Klamath Basin Snowdrifters are the basin's only non-profit snowmobile/grooming club. During the snow season the clubs volunteer members keep 360 miles of designated trails smooth, clear, and safe for all riders. Safety and fun are top priorities of the club.  With a wide range of rider skill levels, anyone can always find a comfortable riding group. 

Our mission is to educate the snowmobiling community about changes in laws, trail conditions, and weather conditions. To keep up to date, download the latest copy of the “The Drifter”, a monthly newsletter.  All KBSD club members are also members of the  Oregon State Snowmobile Association (OSSA).  The OSSA is in contract with the State of Oregon to maintain and groom the snowmobile trails throughout the state, as well as fighting to keep our snowmobile trails and rights as snowmobilers from being taken away from us.




Groomer Report

Grooming Report for March 18-22

Dan Riblett

Tuesday- from the Cat shed to Pederson Trail to Keno Access Road. West on Keno Access Road to Howard Prairie, then on West to Dead Indian.

Thursday- Cat shed to Brown Mountain Trail (south side of Brown Mountain), 37 Road, around Robinson Butte

Friday- East Fourmile road, Four Mile

Snow is very icy, especially in the mornings! Don’t forget to put those scratchers down!

Grooming Report for March 11-15

Dan Riblett

Monday- Short day, went to the end of Varney Creek and back.

Tuesday- East Fourmile, Fourmile, Rye Spur, Cabin, and Pierce Trails

Thursday- Cold Springs to Pelican, Old Pelican Trail, Big Meadow, Return Loop

Friday- ODOT yard to the 37 Road, 37 Road from 140 to Deadwood

There was still 8 feet of snow at the Fourmile Campground!

Grooming Report March 4-8, 2019

Dan Riblett

Tuesday: Cabin Trail (west side of Lake of the Woods), Buck Peak Trail to the top of Buck Peak, Sunset Trail back to Hwy 140.

Wednesday: From ODOT to past Brown Mountain Shelter, then south on Pederson Trail to Spenser Creek and toward Surveyor

Thursday: From ODOT past Brown Mountain shelter, then west to Deadwood and north to the Fish Lake Trail. The trail into Fish Lake was not groomed.

Friday: Cold Springs, old Rocky Point road, and to the top of Pelican.

There is still a LOT of snow out there!

Play safe this weekend!!

Grooming Report Feb 25-Mar 1

Dan Riblett

Monday, Dan & Jim went south past Pederson Crossing and headed toward Howard Prairie. We groomed South on the Griffin Pass road to the cattle guard and North on the Griffin Pass road from Spencer Creek Road to the cattle guard.

Wednesday- Christ and Steve headed to Buck Peak. They did not make the peak due to DEEP snow. They did Varney Creek and the Cabin Trail as well as Sunset.

Thurs- Mike R and Ken headed to the 37 Road and did the inner loop on Robinson Butte as well as 37 from 140 to Dead Indian.They hit 4 mile as well.

The cat was to go to Pelican today but due to operator conflict, we will try to get to the top tomorrow

It's deep out there!

Grooming Report Feb 18-22

Dan Riblett

Monday- Lake of the Woods toward the 37 Road. Short day due to illness

Tuesday- LOW toward Hyatt Lake, turned back at Dead Indian hwy. Groomed to Deadwood snowpark and then west on the Iron Springs trail, then returned via Daley Prairie.

Wednesday, Sunset and Varney Creek, Buck Peak tie. Did not make the top of Buck Peak due to weather.

Thursday- Four Mile, East Four Mile, Cold Springs. Did not go to Pelican due to weather.

Friday- Resort trail from the Great Meadow to Fish Lake and then out to the 37 Road. Brown Mountain Trail, Robinson Butte, 37 Road from Fish Lake trail to Daley Prairie and returned.

There was a LOT of snow everywhere. Some trails that were groomed early in the week will be snowed in again. More snow is expected in the next several days, with the forecast stating Lake of the Woods may get 12-24” of new snow.

Play Safe out there!

Grooming Report Feb 11-15

Dan Riblett

Monday- Cat was down for service

Tuesday- No groomers available

Wednesday- Pisten Bully went from ODOT to Surveyor and returned. The Tucker went to Fourmile and to Fish Lake via the Resort Trail (along Hwy 140.) All the downed trees were removed except one, and a berm was built over that one.

Thurs- No grooming, rain

Friday- Pisten Bully went to Fourmile via the Pierce Trail and returned via the East Fourmile Trail. Cold Springs/Pelican was not groomed this week.

Grooming Feb 4 - 8

Dan Riblett

Monday- Cold Springs and areas north of Hwy 140 were groomed. The Cat could not cross 140 due to utility lines in the trail

Tuesday- From the Cat Shed to Pederson Crossing and south to Spencer Creek. If you are riding in that area, be aware of logging operations in the area.

Wednesday- Cat Shed to the Sunset Trail, Varney Creek Trail, Buck Peak Trail to the top of Buck Peak, Buck Peak Tie, and back to the shed via the Cabin Trail (west side of Lake of the Woods)

Thursday- The Pisten Bully made it to the first overlook toward Pelican Butte but had to turn back due to a mechanical problem. The Tucker groomed toward Fish Lake, doing the Brown Mountain trail, the trail around Robinson Butte, the trail from the 37 Road to Fish Lake, and back down the 37 Road returning via the Daley Creek trail.

There will be no grooming on Friday, Feb 8 to allow folks to attend the Memorial Service of Tim Southwell, a long time Klamath Basin Snowdrifters member and KBSD board member. Tim passed away very unexpectedly last week. All the groomers and club members send their deepest sympathy to Kendi and the rest of the family.

Jan 28- Feb 1 Grooming Report

Dan Riblett

This was a short week, as we had some cat shed issues that were dealt with on Monday/Tuesday.

Thursday, Cold Springs to Pelican and the Return Loop were groomed.

Friday, East Fourmile, Fourmile to the lake, Rye Spur, and the Pierce Trail were groomed.

Watch for workers on the Pierce trail, it looked like they were repairing/adding cable and it was very low in some places.

Snow is hard and icy. Hopefully, the storm coming in will give us a better chance to get back toward the lower elevations to groom.


Jan 21-25 Groomer Report

Dan Riblett

Monday: South past Brown Mountain Shelter and Pederson Crossing to Surveyor on Keno Access Rd.

Tuesday: Cold Springs, Fourmile, East Fourmile, Return Loop

Thursday: West toward Fish Lake, Road 37, Daley Creek, Brown Mountain trail

Friday- Cold Springs to Pelican Butte, Groomed to the Big Meadow Shelter

Jan 7-11 Grooming Report

Dan Riblett

Monday, Lake of the Woods to the 37 road via Cox Butte, return by Daley Creek

Wednesday, Lake of the Woods to the Sunset Trail to Buck Peak. Return via the Cabin Trail on the West side of Lake of the Woods.

Thursday, LOW to Pelican Butte

Friday, LOW to Pederson Crossing, then south toward Surveyor and return.

Grooming was about 160 miles this week! Have a smooth weekend!

Jan 2-4 Report

Dan Riblett

The Pisten Bully was down for a few days for repair but the Tucker groomed the Cold Springs trail to try to wipe out the ruts left by illegal access of the snowmobile trail by 4x4 vehicles. The Tucker also made it to the Fish Lake side, doing the Brown Mountain trail and making it to the top of Robinson Butte.

The weather has been cool enough that we have not lost a lot of the snow we have received, so the trail system is in good shape except when 4x4’s and other illegal use tears up the surface. With the expected snow this week, we hope to resume a full grooming schedule next week.

Hopefully, the snow will be deep enough that we can make it down toward Surveyor and do the Keno Access Road to Howard Prairie.

Dec 26-28 report

Dan Riblett

Both cats have been busy out on the snow.

Wednesday, Fourmile Trail and East Four Mile trails were groomed with the Tucker. The Lake of the Woods/Hyatt Lake trail toward Brown Mountain Shelter down to the Dead Indian Memorial Hwy and west on the to the 37 via Daily Prairie Trail was groomed by the Pisten Bully. Lots of 4x4 carnage on the 37 road.

Thursday, the PB made it to the top of Pelican. Nice view, was a cold day with lots of wind at the top.

Friday, the PB groomed the Sunset Trail, Varney Creek Trail, and the Buck Peak trail. The cat made it to the top of Buck Peak.

Hopefully, next week will allow a full grooming schedule and we can get all the west side trails done. The Hyatt Lake area will eventually get the Tucker once operators are trained and logistics are finalized for cat and fuel placement.

Think SNOW!

Grooming Started!

Dan Riblett

The Club has received a second cat to eventually make it’s way over to the Hyatt Lake area to assist in grooming the trails there. We have several new groomer operators that will be doing training around the Lake of the Woods area in the Tucker. When those operators are checked out, the Cat will be sent south. The Pisten Bully should be making it out 3-4 times the week of Christmas to get the trails in better shape.

We have had very limited opportunity to groom due to low snow conditions, but made it to Fourmile Lake and to the end of Cold Springs on Friday. Going was slow on Cold Springs, as there were about 50 trees that had come down in the last wind storm. The trail to Pelican Butte is not opened, as there is a large tree that has fallen and is hung up in other trees. Hopefully, we will be able to clear that this week. I was told you can make it through on snowmobile, but the snow up top is going to be drifted.

We are still having issues with 4x4 vehicles on the snowmobile trails. Law Enforcement and the Forest Service have been advised, but until we get enough snow to build huge berms at the start of the trails, expect to have ruts in the trail system.

Think SNOW!!