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Klamath Falls, Oregon

The Klamath Basin Snowdrifters are the basin's only non-profit snowmobile/grooming club. During the snow season the clubs volunteer members keep 360 miles of designated trails smooth, clear, and safe for all riders. Safety and fun are top priorities of the club.  With a wide range of rider skill levels, anyone can always find a comfortable riding group. 

Our mission is to educate the snowmobiling community about changes in laws, trail conditions, and weather conditions. To keep up to date, download the latest copy of the “The Drifter”, a monthly newsletter.  All KBSD club members are also members of the  Oregon State Snowmobile Association (OSSA).  The OSSA is in contract with the State of Oregon to maintain and groom the snowmobile trails throughout the state, as well as fighting to keep our snowmobile trails and rights as snowmobilers from being taken away from us.



Groomer Report

Grooming report for March 23

Dan Riblett

The Cat was out Wed and Fri and groomed about 100 miles. Snow at lower elevations is very thin in places. Expect bumpy trails until you get to higher elevations. The Cat did not make it to the Fish Lake side or south to Keno Access due to rain and low snow. The weather forecast is saying we should get a good amount of snow in the next two days. If so, we will try for a full week of grooming.

Trails groomed this week are in BOLD BLUE

Trail Map Number Trail Name Distance (miles) Date Last Groomed Comments
26 Pelican Butte 4.6 03/23/18 Made it to the top. Snowing and VERY cloudy
27 Cold Springs 12.4 03/23//18
28 Big Meadow 0.6 03/23/18
29 Old Pelican Butte 6.9

30 Return Loop 4.2 03/23/18
31 East Fourmile Lake 5.2 03/21/18
32 Varney Creek 5.8 03/21/18
33 Sunset 5.8 03/21/18
34 Buck Peak Cutoff 1.2 03/02/18
35 Summer Home Tie 0.6
Trail is too narrow to groom
36 Buck Peak 5.7 03/21/18 Made it to the top.
37 Pearce 2.1 03/08/18
38 Fourmile Lake Road 6 03/21/18
39 Rye Spur Pit 1.1

40 Resort 7.7
Not groomed, not enough snow for the Cat
41 Cabin 3.4 03/21/18 Road surface is starting to show in places.
42 Hyatt-Lake of the Woods 33.9 02/28/18
43 Brown Mountain 7.8 03/08/18
44 Daley Prairie 3.4 03/07/18
45 Cox Butte 2.3 03/08/18
46 Daley Creek 2.9 03/08/18
47 Fish Lake 5.4 03/08/18
48 Robinson Prairie 3.2 03/08/18
49 Robinson Butte 2.3

50 Deadwood 4.6 03/07/18
51 Moon Prairie 4.2

52 Keno Access 4.5 03/07/18
53 Pederson 12.5 03/07/18
54 Keno-Spencer 10.9

55 Rock Slide Loop 6.4

56 Surveyor Peak 2.1

68 Iron Springs 7.2 03/07/18